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                   Our Product

We use two of the best known methods of decontamination to provide a 99.99% effective  fast sanitation of all known viruses, including, coronavirus, bacteria, legionella, fungi, & mould. This also includes germs from colds and flu,

and most particularly Covid-19.

We are an ecologically friendly company and use a formula which is  100% biodegradable, food safe, safely tested on animals, in medical settings, and in aquatic environments.

Our eco-friendly product is tested to BS EN 14476:  2013: and AN 2019 it meets the stringent Government guidelines and standards.  A dedicated team of specialists are on hand to provide a personal and professional service of deep cleaning and /or sanitation.  In support of this, and to increase the confidence of all people in your environment, a certificate of authentication is issued after every treatment.

We use a decontamination and disinfection agent based on aseptic grade hydrogen peroxide which is stabilised using only food safe ingredients.  Combined, this creates an all purpose broad spectrum product with an excellent ecological profile.  It is environmentally friendly and ultimately degrades to oxygen and water which makes it one of the safest disinfection and decontamination agents on the market.  Therefore giving the opportunity for a myriad of uses.

This formula does not contain any silver or other heavy metals; just food safe ingredients.  Due to the unique and complex formulation it is stable and fast acting, resulting in a quick destruction of micro-organisms and biofilms.  

There is no chlorine, no alcohol, no smell, no taint.  Unlike silver peroxides it is unaffected by high chloride levels.  Unlike silver stabilised products, it will not leave any grey marks on surfaces.  It is safer to use than the highly toxic chemicals involved in fogging processes.  In typical conditions fogging is carried out for a minimum of 15-30 minutes to enable the chemical action to occur.  After fogging an additional 45-60 minutes is required to allow the chemical droplets to settle out of the air and onto the surfaces.  Unlike fogging processes it will not set off alarm units.  

The fine mist exuded from our equipment means there is a 60 second treatment process which means surfaces do not become saturated and the treated area including all the inaccessible points can be used within 15 minutes of treatment, making this faster than traditional cleaning methods. 

As the treated area is ready to use almost immediately, it makes this a cost effective service ideal for outbreak control, with the minimum of disruption to your workplace and the people around you. 

In situations where a protective film which can last up to 30 days is required and preferred please call for further details. I 

 look forward to hearing from you.