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Covid Clear England Ltd

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T: 01283 792154

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Our business looks after all types of:

Buildings - Transport - Medical - Agricultural & Aquatic Settings - Indoor and Outdoor Venues 

More specifically:-

  • Buildings:  offices, shops, indoor and outdoor event spaces
  • Property:  for sale or rent, homes, estate agents, 
  • Hotels, guest houses, restaurants, hospitality, food & beverage
  • Breweries, bars & pubs
  • Medical; surgeries, dentistry, care homes, veterinary
  • Agriculture; housing, transport & equipment
  • Transport; aircraft, buses, cars, trains.
  • Sports Stadia; venues & clubs
  • Boats, caravans, mobile homes

' In the rich world nearly half of all deaths from the coronavirus have taken place in the care and nursing homes, even though they contain less than 1% of the population'

'Almost seven months into the pandemic there is still so much to learn about the virus and its impact'   The Economist July 2020

' We have entered the dog days of August.  but the virus has not slackened its pace,  with over

1.8 m new recorded cases a week, and around 40,000 deaths, it is spreading faster than ever.'

The Economist August 2020

Zanny Minton Beddoes, Editor-in-Chief,